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Welcome to Kullavik Design,
one of Sweden’s leading distributors
of nightwear, loungewear and agents
for lingerie and swimwear.

Kullavik Design & Pearl AB

Designing and distributing Pearl Design Stockholm, our own brand of nightwear/loungewear, developed in-house and sold across Europe. Agents for the brands Aubade, Cosabella, Seafolly and Luna di Seta. Sales to shops, online stores and department stores in the Nordics.

Our brands

AUBADE            COSABELLA            LUNA DI SETA            PEARL DESIGN STOCKHOLM             SEAFOLLY            

Aubade was founded in 1958 with strong DNA from Paris. Aubade was the first lingerie brand to match bras and briefs, and they remain a brand that stands out from the crowd through their exciting collaborations, groundbreaking new design processes and consistently elegant lingerie that feels like a piece of jewellery on the body. Aubade has been daring and slightly provocative with its products since the start, but always with a twinkle in the eye. Women  who wear Aubade’s seductively attractive lingerie radiate confidence and bold sensuality. Parlez-vous AUBADE?

Cosabella is a colourful lingerie brand with its heritage from Italy that is well-known throughout Europe and America. Cosabella is known for using a huge variety of novel colours in the belief that a woman’s lingerie should reflect her lifestyle and mood. Cosabella was founded in 1983 by Ugo and Valeria Campello. Having their headquarters in Miami/USA and production in Italy results in a wonderful mix of American design and Italian manufacturing know-how.

Luna di Seta

Crafted by pure Italian expertise, know-how and tradition, the designs are elegant with fantastic lace inserts, slits and unexpected necklines, resulting in one-of-a-kind yet timeless models. With its collections in 100% high-quality silk (19 momme) and the very finest natural materials, Luna di Seta fascinates and appeals to all the senses.

Our own brand, founded in 2005, focuses on nightwear, pyjamas and loungewear, with quality modal fabric that to this day continues to win consumers’ approval. The collections also  embrace materials such as cotton, bamboo and silk. The ambition of the brand is to maintain simple and clean models with their feminine modernity, not to mention the comfortable and appealing fit.

Swim and beachwear founded on heritage, quality, and style. Born on the beaches of Sydney, Australia in 1975. Seafolly is made for living. We’re not afraid to do it; explore it, seek it, live it. In swimwear that supports it. Seafolly is the heart of the Australian summer and we’re sharing it with the world. Our range includes everything from supportive swimsuits designed for active outings through to detailed and delicate bikinis for those relaxed days by the beach. Made to be worn on the beach and in the water, the sleek styles suit the action of every adventure.


Kullavik Design & Pearl AB

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